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Product Center
PTC Coolant heater DE series
    Publish time 2022-02-16 13:08    
PTC Coolant heater DE series

DE  series PTC coolant heaters are designed for battery pack warmng and for cabin heating.

Workiing voltage:120-900V

DE  3-7KW    overal dimensions: 200*118*98mm   fixing hole:134.5*125mm

DE 7-10KW    overal dimensions:233*128*105.5mm   fixing hole:166.5*135mm

DE 10-14KW  overal dimensions:269*147*108mm   fixing hole:193.5*154.8mm

DE 14-20KW  overal dimensions3123*165*110.5mm   fixing hole:245.5*172mm

Control method: CAN BUS communication or PWM

Insulation resistance: DC1000V  >500M Ω

Breakdown Voltage: AS2550V/min leakage current:<15mA