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Xinye Electronic:

      Specialized in designing, developing,manufcturing high-quality PTC(Positive Temperature Coefficienct) ceramic heaters.with years of experience in heating, and associated with Universities and Institute of Ceramics, we place great emphasis on quality and innovation. Our PTC heater for air conditioner is used widely HVAC manufacturers with its superlative performance.  We focus a lot on the development of new products lines. We developed and are developing many kinds of new products with our technology of PTC thermistor. Andnow we developed PTC heater assembly with LED and socket or switch for depilatory wax heater and hot glue gun.


      In order to offer safe and reliable products, our PTC heaters are designed according to local and international standard, All products passed various quality and safety certifications including EMC, CE, UL, CUL, RoHS and CQC, etc. Products have to go through rigorous in-house testing in our own factory's laboratory..

      Our QC & QA control system ensures the development of products strictly followed in each stage of manufacturing process.


      Better quality, better service is our principle, we have management center, production center, R&D center, marketing center, logistic center. We aim to provide high quality, timely delivery and good services to our clients. We are ready to develop all kinds of product based on clients' need. 

      You are welcome to contact us for any queries of PTC heaters.

  • PTC enclosure heater RC016
  • PTC coolant heater 8KW
  • PTC coolant heater 6KW
  • PTC heater for wax heater
  • PTC pipe heater
  • PTC ceramic heater
  • PTC compact fan heater HGL046
  • PTC fan heater
  • PTC heating element
  • PTC thermistor